Fireplace Tools

The construction of a fireplace is one that needs to be made so that it provides the heat and warmth you want. To maintain these fireplaces you will need to choose the type of fireplace that you like. There are three different types of fireplaces that people use. These are the electric fireplace, the gas fireplace and the most popular one the wood burning one. For the wood burning fireplaces you will need to invest in a good set of fireplace tools.

You will need these fireplace tools to clean the fireplace out every so often. This cleaning process will ensure that your fireplace does not become buried in wood ash, unburnt logs, newspapers and even pine cones. While these materials will help to make your fire burn hotter, they are also the reason why you may have trouble with starting your fire.

These fireplace tools are not that expensive but you will see many different kinds of these tool sets. As you may need to clean out the fireplace a few times a month it is best if you invest in a quality set of fireplace tools. You will be able to buy these tools from stores that sell fireplace accessories and screens.

So in general what are the basic items that you would use to clean out a dirty fireplace? Your basic fireplace tools will consist of a broom. One that is small enough to fit into the fireplace. The bristles of this broom should be able to gather all of the ashes that are scattered in the fireplace. You will also need other tools for cleaning the fireplace out.

Once the fireplace ashes have been gathered to one place you will need to gather the ashes. The item you can use to gather these ashes is that of a shovel. Now before you rush out to bring your garden shovel or small spade into the house, you will need to see the real fireplace shovel.

In order to take these ashes out of the fireplace this shovel will have long handle. The shovel face itself is just the right size to scoop the ashes. These are the items that are used for cleaning out the fireplace. There are other items which are also thought of as being fireplace tools. These tools are used for moving the burning logs in the fireplace.

To move the logs while they are hot and still in the fire you will need to use a fireplace poker. The poker is used to prod the logs and burning embers to the surface of the fire. The tongs are used to move and lift coal and wood out of the fireplace as well as placing more into the fire.

These tools that you use for maintaining the fireplace can be kept on a handy stand. The stand is the perfect accessory to hold all of your important fireplace tools. Use these fireplace tools and enjoy having clean fireplaces and warming fires.